petrol station point of sale system


A Petrol Sation Point Of Sale System Uniquely Developed in South Africa


Isebe (Pty) Ltd : Point Of Sale Systems

Isebe (Pty) Ltd is the originator of the South African-developed PetroPod system – a unique point-of-sale (POS) management system combining full forecourt, convenience store and back office control.

PetroPod facilitates the real-time management of the complete on-site operation, starting with fuel in the tanks and ending with payment of fuel pumped for individual customers.

The system can be fully integrated with the latest FAFNIR automatic tank gauging (ATG) systems to ensure that the filling station manager is aware at all times of the quantity of fuel stored, how much has been sold, and by which petrol pump attendant.

PetroPod comprises the PumpPod mini-pump controller at each pump head, which controls attendant’s cards, fuel transactions and pump activations. The results are read and written to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card which is carried to the Cash Pod at the POS.

The CashPod reads/writes the transactions created at each of the fuel pumps. In addition, the debtors card can interface with the EFT device and Pin Pads, enabling all card settlements at the CashPod.

The system runs on standard Microsoft software, reducing the training required and keeping the cost of installation and ownership low.

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